Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of my images got accepted! "Mindless Shuffle to a Dead End."

Mindless Shuffle to a Dead End. 

Today I received a letter that one of my photographs has been accepted into the  Harrisburg Art Association’s 85th International Juried Exhibition.  It's one of the first images I have created where I went into a totally different direction when it comes to making a image.  The opening for this exhibition on May 18th from 6pm-9pm. The Exhibition is open to the public from May 17th to June 20th. If you are not yet a member or fan of my Facebook  page check it out for more details and updates. 

In my normal gallery fashion this image is going to be printed on metal and it will be limited to 10 and priced at $275.00 for the duration of the gallery and afterwards will go back to $325.00. You can email me if you wish to get one of these prints at the special price.

Thank you.