Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweet road trip.

I think this trip was very productive. I even managed to impress myself. Let's see Started in Los Angeles then when down to Joshua Tree national park. After a day there hit the road to my friends place in Vegas while shooting along the way on RT.66. From there I spent a day milling around Death Valley... side note rent a jeep.

Hit the the Redwood forest after that and San Francisco,then back to LA to shoot the shuttle Endeveour as it crawled thru the streets of LA. Now I have some ideas I need to finish on these 2 final days of the trip and when I get back home I'll have tons to edit and sort thru as well as assignments for the magazine....whew.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

California Trip.

So far this trip out to California has been a success..worked with some new clients that loved the photos I created for them. Been to places I have never been too...even though I lived out here for many years..Next stop on this trip is Vegas maybe Yosemite if time allows.