Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spots on lens

Well after a few hours of pulling my hair out on trying to find out how to clean the inside mirror of my Dslr and calling people,I finally got it. I kept seeing these spots showing up in the same spot over and over again,No matter how many times I cycled my Sony A200 thru its cleaning cycle and wiping the lenses and everything I could think off was proving to be fruitless. At first I thought about just dealing with it in Lightroom,But It was starting to get annoying. After a bit of goggling and phone dialing I got a few estimates on how much it would cost to clean the innards of my camera.. I almost went ahead and agreed with the camera shop sales guy until he told me that I would have to take the filter and lenses off the camera as well as any other accessories that are on it. That when the light bulb turned on. The filter!...I have a Hoya CPL filter on the lens...After a good cleaning and voila spots are gone! Score one for me....But maybe I should send it in for a good cleaning. Maybe another day.