Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yeah...I was away from you Blogger

I'm sorry I'll visit more often.

I figured out how to import Wordpress to Blogger

I figured it out totally by accident...we not really just tinkiring around with converters. If you were looking for a way to move your Wordpress blog to a new Blogger Blog then follow these somewhat easy steps.

1) Export Blog from Wordpress, It creates a XML file named "wordpress.2010-01-26"

2) Go to Wordpress2Blogger site and point it to the XML file

3) That creates a XML file named "blogger-export"

4) Go to the Blogger2Wordpress site and convert the "Blogger-Export" file which creates a "wordpress-wxr" file

5) Go back to the Wordpress2Blogger site and convert the "Wordpress-wxr" file and that results in another "Blogger-export(2)" file which is what you will need to import into Blogger itself.

That should save you hours of pulling your hair out.


p.s This if you are using the non-self hosted wordpress.